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Our founder Gentleman Shishu Pal Sablok – his exemplary employment and social doing thoughts became the drive for this small, charitable trust, SHREE OM BABA JI Education and Welfare Trust.

SHREE OM BABA JI wishes to serve every human and family of backward and economic weaker section, especially distress ones, of the community or society in all possible manners after carefully identifying their needs, to build a happy and literate community/society/nation. To implement its wish to serve and facilitate child or human or family of society, trust works with clear concepts and without favoritism, towards multidirectional program with three main motives and thoughts i.e. education, medical and social welfare help, according to individual need.


                                     S H R E E   O M   B A B A   J I   S U P P O R T S:

First and utmost motive of SHREE OM BABA JI is to promote with special care the educational interest of children of the economic weaker sections of the community, especially untouchable ones and shall protect them from social injustice and all forms of exploitation, and to build a literate society. To achieve this objective, trust helps in every possible manner, the children of acute financial weaker/needy families; where parent are not  able bear education expenses for some reasons.

We look for and identify such children, wherever necessary, according to rules and regulations, provide them  financial assistance - school fees, school uniform and text books etc, so they can also go to school.
To view our school children and related cost please click here: School kids 2007.

Second motive of SHREE OM BABA JI is every human being receives ayruvedic medical aid when needed, especially for those humans (above all untouchable and distress ones) who can hardly finance their daily life and health is pure luxury for them or residing in deep mountains regions of north India. Like always, we look not on religion, caste or origin - we see only humans, who need assistance. And we feel necessary to open small Ayruvedic Medical Charitable Dispensary, where financial weaker/needy humans can receive free medical supply to take care of basic health problems at least. Trust uses its funds to purchase ayruvedic medicines.

Third motive of SHREE OM BABA JI is to support families of the financial and economic weaker community; those are not able to earn even food and clothing for daily need, also with money in acute emergency without any discrimination.  We hope persons of financial weaker families shall set up their own work station to earn for their daily life needs.

Such needy families are identified to help for setting up small work station like tailoring, ironing clothes, a barber shop, a cobbler shop and tea stall etc. and provide machines or instruments or material & finance also, where necessary.  We provide them training, how to run these work stations.

SHREE OM BABA JI consider carefully through its team till fully satisfied with the functioning of these works stations, and their financial status.

Since we do not have to hide anything, you can gladly see and control our costs. Before we transact investments of any kind, one discusses intensively, so that each paisa is meaningfully used. Our goal was and remains to ensure fast and lasting support to needy and distress ones especially for the untouchable ones.
We start collecting donations in the form of money, clothing, blankets etc. to support our thoughts and to achieve the motives to serve.
If you want to support our activities, we would be pleased, send us email to info@aumpage.de or contact our team.



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