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VR Bank Nürnberg e.G.

Account No.: 2609312 
Bank Code: 760 606 18.

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The path to the foundation of our association

„Doing – in love - now “is the slogan of our association founder Mr. Shishu Pal Sablok. His words became the purpose of this small, charitable association.

After his mother had died, Mr. Sablok has had an intensive dream. The mother was very present in this dream, almost as she would have been there for real! She told him many private things, those nobody could knew and after some time and several researches turned out, that everything was true!

In the dream the mother told particularly about two main questions, which were asked her after the arrival ‚over there", in the netherworld. She was asked, what she had done in her life as social activity and how much she had prayed.Due to these remarks the first motivation has emerged regarding the social commitment of Mr. Sablok:
“dreams are definitely no foams”!

As Mr. Sablok traveled a short time later to the area of the  Himalaya, he had a further deeply affecting experience. The view of two freezing children, whose straw hut was just blown away due to a windstorm and who were exposed helplessly, crying, to wind and weather, became the second motivation to offer social assistance.
After these experiences Mr. Sablok donated all his savings anonymously to helpless children. Each cent, which was remaining, automatically found its way into aid projects…

Thanks to his exemplary commitment also friends were encouraged thinking about social activities. Only 1997 we could convince Mr. Sablok to create an association – to himself not that necessary. He explained his idea as follows: „we should give and forget, that is the correct attitude and without making a fuss… “
We created SHREE OM BABAJI and began with the official support of five orphans. At the same time we started to collect donations in Germany for these children.

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