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Ayurvedical Nutrition

Until a few years ago anybody from us only hardly knew what Ayurveda means and how to cook ayurvedic … the fact that this nourishing way, presupposed it is cooked correctly, could  also heal, was beyond our conception! But owing to our association founder, Mr. Sablok, we were allowed to experience gradually something over this healthy nourishing way, which originates from the Veda (the Veda is the oldest holy writings).
Mr. Sablok comes from an ayurvedic family and has experienced the correct and original Ayurveda since earliest childhood very closely. On this wealth of wisdom are based our recipe books and the advices from the spice brochure as well as the information on these pages. „I never have eaten in such a tasty way in my life“ means Mrs. Sablok, who leads also our cook courses! With them it is really hardly that a meal comes twice a month on the table! Also by using the same ingredients, a meal may be such differently cooked, that one gladly takes seconds!!!

“I believe that spiritual  progress at a certain point requires of us that we stop killing creatures for the satisfaction of our physical demands. You can measure the size and the moral progress of a nation observing how she treats the animals. “ (Mahatma Gandhi JI) 

Shree Dhanvantari is the God of      
the Healing art. After the legend
he has forwarded the science of
Ayurveda to the, of sufferings   
and illness troubled, mankind.

Food and health are already since always the two most important values and primary components of our society. In the ayurvedic medicine these two elements find their unit. 

Health and nutrition are all times two important and fundamental elements of our society. In Ayurveda these two essential parts become one. Path and intention of Ayurveda is to achieve internal balance of soul, spirit and body. Ayurveda is not only a simple (commercial) temporary fashion or an offer for recreation and relaxation! Ayurveda is, as translated from Sanskrit, the most ancient traditional natural healing science of long life humanity (ayus – long life, veda – knowledge).

In Ayurvedic philosophy we distinguish between three different constitutional types, also known as “dosha”. The three doshas are called vata (air and ether), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (earth and water). Ayurveda follows the intention and aim of the interior balance of these inner temperaments.

Ayurvedic cooking is a vegetarian kind of nutrition and differs from the vegan one in using milk products. We would like to highlight, that the ayurvedic alimentation does not contain meat, fish and eggs. Ayurvedic recipes are both very nutrient and the dishes you prepare are done fast, at low costs and are very delicious. We would like to point out the importance of cooking with prayers, positive thoughts and concentration.If you prepare your meals with joy and smooth words, you will have a wholesomely cooked food. The ingredients harmonize with the exclusive selected spices. You apply the spicery based on their cold- or heat causing quality as well as according to the actual seasons. Ayurvedic cooking “just” reflects finally an outstanding way of holistic feeling, thinking and acting.
Thanks to the also curative quality of each single spice we may be in a position to have a positive effect on little diseases, too. It is also possible to alleviate severe symptoms, on a simply tasty way of cooking. 

Note: We would like to point out friendly, that the information is to be considered as recommendation. They do not exclude, if necessary, naturally the medical advice. Thank you! 

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